Eddie Crist
The Software Mechanic
Celebrating my 28th year in business

A few references:
Peyton Hines
Safety Supply House, Inc.
P.O. Box 1669
Picayune, MS 39466-1669
Douglas Degan
Fine Papers, Inc.
P.O. Box 23505
New Orleans, LA 70183
Alois J. Binder
Alois J. Binder Bakery, Inc.
940 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA  70116

My resume.
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Battistella Seafood, Inc.
Other references
J.T Giardina
Zee Medical Service Co. #80
715 Franklin Street
Gretna, LA 70053
(504) 366-3474
Who I am:
I am a business consultant. I've been programming and designing business solutions on and for computers since 1968 (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were 13 years old). I've been in business for myself since 1982 - 2 years before the Apple IIc and Macintosh were introduced and way before Al Gore invented the Internet.

What I do:
I listen. I support, modify, enhance, create, train and explain things in layman's terms. I look for solutions within the client's existing software first. I charge reasonable hourly rates.

What I don't do:
I don't sell computers, though I'll help you determine what you need. I don't sell software packages, though I'll help you find the right one if you need one. I don't shoot for big-bucks contracts and I don't insist on fixed-priced quotes.

What I believe:
That business people aren't hobbyists - that they see their computers as tools, not toys. That the best solution is usually the simplest one. That in web design fast-loading is better than fancy. That fixes can be quick without being "and dirty".
Check out my resume.
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1-866-215-9697 Toll Free
1-985-516-0150 Cell
Some Web
designs I've done:
Breedlove Farms

Fine Papers, Inc.

My resume.

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